Get Remote Support Services From Duxbury Computers

We Can Now Provide Remote Support!

We have recently licensed Citrix’ GoToAssist software and so are now able to offer remote computer and networking support to anyone, anywhere, as long as your computer is able to connect to the Internet. Here is a brief video introducing the service:

To Request Remote Support:

To request remote support use the form in the window below. If it says “Live Support Unavailable” that simply means we are not on-line at that moment and therefore on-line support is not immediately available. Just fill out the form below. If we are on-line, we will get back to you in minutes. But if not, we normally will get back to you within a few hours (typically sooner) to set up a remote support session with you.

The majority of our business clients run Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory domain networks based on Windows Server or Windows Small Business Server (SBS).  We also provide extensive support for business users of QuickBooks, directly and through our Duxbury Bookkeeping operation. Canopus Research Inc. primarily supports Windows-based home (Windows 7 and 8) and office (Windows Server) networks, but our client base includes many users of Apple Macintosh and Linux based client and server systems and networks as well.

We also do website development, primarily using standard HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript,  but we work with Microsoft Visual Studio development as well, using C# and Visual BASIC and Microsoft SQL Server databases  Our current ‘sweet spot’, however, is in building web sites for our business clients on a WordPress foundation, relying on standard plugins when they can do the job, but writing PHP/MySQL code when necessary to provide customized advanced features and capabilities.

To inquire about our other service offerings and rates, just send an email to Canopus Research Inc. President and CEO Will Zachmann ( or call us at our office during normal East Coast business hours (9-5 weekdays) at 781-934-9800.