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Anti-Virus Software Recommendations

There is no question that any computer connected to the Internet (and what computer isn’t these days!) absolutely must have good anti-virus/anti-malware software installed on it – or risk virtually certain infection sooner or later.  Even well-protected computers can be infected if a user makes the wrong choices in what to click on.  But those without adequate security software are sitting ducks!

At one time, the two best alternative for security software were Symantec’s Norton products and McAfee.  No longer, at least in our book!  Both have grown so bloated and inefficient over time that we long ago stopped recommending either of them!  So what do we recommend today?

Well, our first choice for nearly a decade now has been AVG.  That is the security software that we use ourselves at Canopus Research Inc., here at Duxbury Computers, at Duxbury Bookkeeping, and The Duxbury Times.  If we were not already using AVG, our next choice would be Trend Micro.

All the best,


William F. Zachmann, President and CEO, Canopus Research Inc.