Keys to Keeping Your Windows Computer Safe!

Whether for your home or your business, there are three fundamental keys to keeping your Microsoft Windows computer safe and trouble-free.  If you ignore these, you are asking for trouble!  They are:

  1. Make sure that your computer is set up not just for Windows, but for Microsoft updates and that these updates are applied automatically.  Neglecting to apply critical and important updates to Windows and to other Microsoft software (especially to Microsoft Office and its related applications) will make you a sitting duck for malicious software intrusions.
  2. Make sure you have a high quality anti-virus/anti-malware program on your computer and that it, too, is updated regularly and automatically.  Connecting to the Internet without good security software on your computer is a sure-fire formula for disaster!
  3. Have a good backup system in place for everything that matters to you on your computer.  There are many different ways to do this, but if you do not have one in place that works reliably, your computer is a disaster waiting to happen!

I will be following this post up with others that get into more detail about exactly how to do all this.  But you can be sure that if you do not do at least these three things, sooner or later, you can look forward to serious problems from which you may not be able successfully to recover — ever!

All the best,


William F. Zachmann, President and CEO, Canopus Research Inc.